Jason's Work (N.Y.C)
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HSL Editorial is the professional moniker for freelance post-production specialists Jason Guerra and Jonathan Sears. They founded HSL Editorial in 2007, and have worked as editors, colorists, graphics artists, compositors, and stream media specialists for a number of clients including Clinique Medical, MLB Advanced Media, Nike Futures and Comedy Central.

Jason Guerra - New York City

Jason Guerra has been working as a freelance editor in the New York Area since 2005. He started as a staff editor for non-profit Global Nomads Group, focused on educational short features for the web. Jason worked for Apple Inc. as a Creative, software trainer, for over 3 years. While there he delivered a verity of one on one and group training classes on Final Cut, Color, Motion and a verity of other Apple software titles. Jason and Jonathan colaberated on curriculum for a Final Cut Pro group training program that was used at stores nationally and internationally. As a freelancer Jason has worked as an editor, color corrector and technical consultant for Major League Baseball Production, Nike Futures, Comedy Central and more. Jason has also provided tech support and technical consulting on a freelance biases to Real Pilates, Jazz Workshop (the Charles Mingus Legacy) and others. He currently works for Major League Baseball Advanced Media providing technical support for over 50 edit stations, color correction for special projects, and streaming & on-demand media support. 

Jonathan Sears - Los Angles Area

Jonathan Sears has been working in various roles in post production since 2004.  He started working as a professional editor for a non-profit before he even finished college.  Upon finishing college he got his first job working for City Lights Media Group editing the popular Television Show "Cinematherapy" on the Women's Entertainment Channel. While working at City Lights he worked several feature films as well.

In March of 2007, Jonathan began working at Apple as a software trainer, where he was able to use his knowledge of film and editing, to train others in Apple's Final Cut Studio, as well as other software.  It was during this time at Apple when Jonathan and Jason began work on the Final Cut Pro Pro Lab a 4 week boot-camp style group training class for Final Cut Pro.  We poured all of our knowledge as editors into the class, and it paid off.  During the first year, classes were so popular they would fill up in less than 15 minutes.

In July 2008, Jonathan and Jason decided to create HSL Editorial to serve New York's growing post-production needs.  After much success working with a wide variety of clients, such as Clinique and Abbot Pharmaceutical, they decided it was time to expand.  Today, Jonathan runs the West-Coast branch of HSL Editorial, serving the Greater Los Angeles Area.